The Ourivesaria Façanha, Lda. was created in 1967 by Partner J. Façanha and is a company located in the North of Portugal, in the municipality of Monção, a few kilometers from the border with Galicia. It is mainly dedicated to the Production and Marketing of all types of artefacts of Goldsmithing and Decoration with Silver Applications, also marketing several brands of jewelry and watchmaking that have already won the trust of consumers. Initially, the company was dedicated to the marketing of jelwery, with two stores in Monção. But thanks to the entrepreneurial dynamics of its Administrators, encouraged by the growing demand by the public for products with the original design, The jelwery 's Achievement expanded in 2004, with the creation of its own manufacturing section.


Its very innovative, precise and detailed production procedures (which begin, from the outset with the choice of materials- precious stones, semi-precious, pearls), the art at the junction of the raw material with gold and/or silver, the unique design, the specific technologies and tools and the necessary skilled workforce, make it possible to create unique jewelry and exclusive collections / limited edition.


Where can I find the physical stores of The Ourivesaria Façanha? What can I expect from this company?

In addition to the two existing stores in the municipality of Monção, the company Ourivesaria Façanha, Lda. also bet on the opening of FACI Jóyas in the city of Valença do Minho, in 2007. The company also has another store, OFAC DesingDecor, a project started in 2010, with diversified sectors (textile, small furniture, kitchen and bath, children's line), with reference brands (such as Atlântis, Vista Alegre, Porcel, Spal...) and betting on new articles that mark the difference in the home.


Also in 2010, the company Ourivesaria Façanha Lda. decided to create its own brand of jewelry, Ana Rua, combining silver and other materials of excellence, resulting in design jewelry, with limited edition collections. The Ana Rua brand has been expanding throughout the country, already counting on several points of sale in numerous Portuguese cities and has also been present in national and international events in the area of goldsmithing and jewelry. All stores strongly bet on the loyalty of their customers, responding to their immediate demands for personalized service, either for the wide range of products available, or with respect for after-sales assistance, also offering the customer the possibility of adapting certain products in our facilities. From abroad and participation in national / international events, administrators bring new trends to their collections, in order to surprise our customers, ensuring quality and good taste!

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